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Politicians Can Change Laws To Imprison You In Your Home, Can't To Prevent A Murdering Guest

It is very hard to explain laws and justice to lay people sometimes.  I will not even try defending this one. This is a time in 2020 and 2021 where the New Zealand government has stripped law abiding citizens the freedom to exit their own home and go to work, school or even for a drink with their mates.   They can do anything they damn please if they can do this.   At the commencement of this charade even that was ruled to be unlawful. But justified.  That opens up a chasm of space for when something is really really important, the state acting unlawfully in such a massive way affecting 5 million people is even okay - when justified. Yesterday we found: While you have been subject to this theatre of in and out of levels 4, 3 and 2 for "public safety" since March 2020. A terrorist, a guest in New Zealand who could have been chucked out, who was of no benefit to New Zealand whatsoever given his track record as he is clearly as the Police have been at pains to point out, human p