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New Zealand Lawyers Need To Pick A Side - Rights And Freedoms Or ?

 Dame Jenny Gibbs is a fabulous New Zealander. One of my favourite New Zealanders. She is as mad as a hatter but the glorious thing is that she has, with her ex husband,  been a benevolent sponsor of the political party I love in ACT. She then goes and does mind bending stuff like hanging out with gang members deeply confusing company.  She then buys art that I wouldn’t want in my toilet -  that’s worth a fortune.  I bet she would make a zillion currently in the pet rock trading that is NFT's. All of that only adds to the rich tapestry of life. She’s the embodiment of “eccentric”. And I admire her for that.  Every great New Zealander is underneath a wee bit mad.  Jenny and Alan are all  that. Level 4 in Auckland is a nonsense. It continues to be a nonsense. Level 3 is a nonsense. Everyone knows that.  That is why Siouxsie Wiles decided to sit with her mate on a beach. Jenny is a smart lady and knows the rules and knows how to game them.  When Covid is over I hope the judiciary, act