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Kentucky Fried Jabs - You Cannot Make This Up New Zealand

The entertainment from the Cindy Covid Clown Show continues. This is an idea so obvious that a five year old could have told you it was a great idea.  Take vaccinations to the fast food chains and even reward your target group with free KFC.  The target group would be vaccinated in a weekend if Ashley Bloomfield got his act together and the government would not have had to have doled out $10's of millions to Pacific Island and Maori "consultants" for "community solutions" who have only just realised they have to perform to KPI's like achieving high vaccination rates. Only it kind of is not because the health experts tell us that fast food is the devil and should be taxed as it targets the "wrong kind" of people. Yup. Obesity and excessive consumption of fast food with it, actually increases your chances of dying of Covid.  Not that people have gone out since March 2020 in those "vulnerable" groups and cared about their health enough to lo

Gangs Give Us Cause For A Giggle - Gotta Have Your KFC

  The men, aged 23 and 30, would appear in court at a later date for breaching the Health Order. Further charges were likely, the spokesperson said. They have $100k in the car in cash in almost no doubt, proceeds of crime. And the coppers bothered to even fill in the paperwork to charge them for breaching the Health Order? Oh dear. Drop the silly Health Order nonsense and focus on what matters. I really only have one question and it is one the reporter failed in their duty to find out - who ate the KFC?