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Batsmen Will Still Bat - Marlyebone Cricket Club Goes Woke - That Is IT

I have played women's representative cricket for Northern Districts.  I have played as a schoolgirl in a schoolboys representative age group team at school.  Not because I was politically identifying as a boy and encouraged to by union aligned lesbian teachers and the Green Party.  No, it was because I was bloody well good enough to play in their team that because they are boys, they are just better at cricket as a group than girls. There are two chances of myself ever referring to someone with a cricket bat, gloves and pads on as a batter. 1. A shit show 2. No show. "MCC believes that the use of gender-neutral terminology helps reinforce cricket's status as an inclusive game for all. The amendments are a natural evolution from work already undertaken in this area as well as an essential part of MCC's global responsibility to the sport," read an official statement. Oh do just FRO.  The MCC are the guardians of the rules of the great game.   Rules that to the une