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I #StandWithFran - Fran O'Sullivan v Shaun Hendy

Sir John Key wrote an excellent piece today triggering the left. This is single handedly the most courageous thing John Key has ever signed his name to, dating back to the start of his Prime Minister years.  Sigh.  If only he was this transformational as PM.... That Key has decided to show some nuts and get this angry, is something for such a moderate. I always considered Key from my right of politics, as a necessary pathetic populist wet. This is however the very sort of leadership we all need right now. Especially those in a demeaning lottery waiting being told the Bill of Rights does not exist anymore as we await to win a golden ticket to get home. Fran O’Sullivan responded today to something with this excellent comment somewhere into the air. I #standwithfran. I agree with her comment.  There was nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t matter how you spin it she’s called Hendy a bogus modeller. Fellow modeller Rodney Jones did that last week.   The poor old dear is well over 65 by now an