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Bridezilla Doesn't Want Her Wedding Ruined - Summer Will Never Be Cancelled

Jacinda Ardern has a long-awaited wedding coming.  Since March 2020, Jacinda Ardern has cancelled the weddings of many a New Zealand bride. Bridezilla will not be cancelling hers. Rumoured to be in Gisborne with rooms booked chocker between Christmas and New Year, a few hiccups have occurred.  One venue is rumoured to have quite rightly not allowed Bridezilla to bring her own Chefs from Auckland.  How very Auckland. Newshub are framing it as such The Opposition is framing Ardern as the Grinch who stole Christmas - not letting Kiwis come home. The COVID Christmas clash is on. The whole issue is more important than just Christmas. Bridezilla will do NOTHING to stop her own wedding.  Summer is NOT going to be cancelled even if there is another outbreak of Covid.  All of a sudden there will be new confidence from Labour luvvies in the efficacy of the vaccine and of contact tracing. MIQ allocation has become a sad joke.  The media lap up every allocation with sob stories of those actually n

I Am More Concerned About Your Lack Of Policing Of Gangs Mr Coster

  The website promoting it is here. If you agree with the stated aims of the protest and especially the continued unreasonable approach to Covid Zero and lockdowns, I encourage people to attend even if you do not like Mr Tamaki or think he is a bit kookie. A dance of the disaffected.   Commissioner and his Deputy, Andrew Coster and Wally Haumaha today gave the protest the Police's approval by meeting with Tamaki to organise it.   That in itself is quite extraordinary.