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Modeller Admits Their "Science" Is All About "Reading Tea Leaves"

Good lord. Read and weep. Just like economists in Treasury and the private sector and Elliott Wave nut jobs trying to predict the next great stockmarket crash then spinning like a top when it does not happen....... These people are now just trolling themselves. What I ask is the point of putting Covid modellers in the media? They are making this up as they go along.  Then getting all upset and precious when people call them to account. Politicians need to stop listening to their ridiculous doom and gloom and make political decisions. Keep Auckland in a level 3 lockdown and there will be a revolt against South Auckland.  South Auckland does not deserve that. The revolt should be against the politically poll driven egomaniacs on the Ninth Floor who are using South Auckland for their own political means. They are keeping the whole class back when they can easily identify the troublemakers.   But all along the teacher is aiming for completely the wrong goal.