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Gangs Fear MIQ More Than Jail

  So the truth is finally getting out there. The gangs value their rights and freedoms more than the rest of us and are refusing to be tested because if positive they get sent to MIQ and it is stricter there than in jail. Before screaming at them let us try and understand their logic.  Labour has more Maori and Pacific Island MP's and Ministers than ever.  Months of cuddling up to gangs and playing nice is not helping them here.   Gangs at least can get drugs and alcohol in jail and do whatever they want in the hierarchy in there.   They do not seem too afraid to end up there.   The risk and inconvenience to gang members of getting tested and positive and ending up in MIQ is higher than the risk of getting caught in New Zealand and convicted of a crime and being sent to jail! Let that sink in next time you think MIQ is easy.  Well done Jacinda Ardern, you reap what you sow still chasing with high vaccine rates, the fiction of Covid zero.  Perhaps she is the "great unifier"