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Spit It Out Jacinda - Your Maori Caucus Are Holding The Country To Ransom Over Vaccinations

Last week Jacinda Ardern claimed 90% was the target. Today we heard excuse after weasel words from Jacinda Ardern.  Yeah nah, there's no real number. She then talked around the real issue and gave an example with young people.  You know? Those that Covid-19 does not actually kill or even hospitalise! I want her tomorrow to blink three times if she is currently suffering from her Maori caucus brown mailing her.  The lockdown lunatics and wannabe cultural revolutionaries, are using the poor performance of Maori and to a lesser extend Pacific Islanders, as human shields to keep the rest of New Zealand under lock and key as long as possible. Maori in 2021 are middle class.  We need to treat them as they are and expect a lot more. The dilution of the excuse of ethnicity for failure through inter-marriage and relationships gives fewer excuses for failure every generation.  You cannot tell me that because one parent of a child identifies as Maori because their grandparent had another rela