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Maori MP's Suddenly Spring Into Action Now Shamed By Statistics

Seriously where have all these Maori MP's been for the last few months? The Wahine  White Saviour in the PM has had to be called in!!  This really is the height of how pathetic the Maori caucus have been in this response that the Big Boss has had to come on a Covid Tour to do their job for them. We all knew Maori would drag the chain.  If this is their last ditch attempt to vaccinate Maori, it should have been done months ago. All of a sudden they are now all over social media going all Homai ki te pakipaki over the Boss.  Showing how virtuous they can be by demanding Maori get vaccinated now they have been given the hurry up by the stunning performance of Asians and abuse from a good few New Zealanders who have vaccinated themselves. One however that caught my eye was Marama Davidson from the Kermits.  And not for the spelling. As an Aunt myself I am completely qualified to comment on how to control the behaviour of ones charges. There is no discussion. Anything you want them to

UPDATE - Siouxsie Wiles Needs Mental Health Help Not A National Platform

  Good lord. It probably sounds a bit weird, but I feel like I’ve started a process of grieving for what we are losing. The pandemic has changed our world forever, and that is going to take some getting used to. My worry is that we will see what we have seen in so many countries, and indeed in New Zealand during this outbreak – that the burden of Covid-19 will continue to fall on people and communities inequitably. We will have failed if our transition from elimination to suppression does not actively work to stop this happening. Seriously someone take her off to get mental health help.  I am not even joking here.  We should not be guided by someone this unsound of mind incapable of making rational decisions affecting the lives of others.  This is just hysterical theatre. Her reactions have increasingly got more desperate and weird.  Especially since filmed at the beach supporting a friend.  I hasten to add right now that friend may have just been emotionally supporting her. People ha