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First Dose Failure And Exceeding Low Expectations - Vaxathon An F for Fail.

Wow - the paid for NZ media have really earned their $55m of spruiking for Labour today!! Here are the normal numbers per day of vaccinations in the last bit.   Data from the MOH website. The data is a few days behind but I suspect the numbers fell away as people held out for the free food and prizes today or in a PR whoring move, brought forward their vaccines. Surprise who chose to do that.  Let’s see what the averages end up being this and last week once smoothing of these bribes is performed. Today just 35,000-40,000 people were vaccinated for the first time. All this effort to get 40,000 people to line up.  The second dose people were returning anyway. So after all the effort put into this event, the numbers of 130,000 total are not that much more impressive than daily results of the previous highest period of total vaccination of 93,000.   At least we have found out today why Jacinda Ardern fails to set any vaccination targets to get out of this mess. 1. When she does they are ri