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MIQ Must Now Mean - Maori In Quarantine.

As Auckland out of sheer desperation, races towards overall vaccination of the imaginary 90 percent goal of kiddies + 12 age, that already has exceeded 16+ Sydders and Melbs, there is only one thing that will stop Labour releasing the gates. Maori. MMMMMM aori. Say it. Say it Jacinda on Monday. If you have the balls to even front the presser: MAORI. MAORI.  Dozens of Maori representatives met with the Maori ministers over Zoom on Friday night, when they were shown the traffic light system. A second meeting took place on Saturday night, allowing for greater feedback on the new regime. A final meeting was scheduled to take place on Sunday, when recommendations to Monday’s cabinet meeting will be finalised. All who spoke to AAP said they wanted a specialised Maori response alongside the traffic light system. WHAT THE ACTUAL???  Maori are holding the PM hostage to their own response !!!!!!! Go up to the start if you have got this far and please read this and hit the link again.  It is outr