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Vaxathon Week Produced Worse Results Than The Previous Week!!

Oh dear. Do not say I did not warn you.  This is what happened focusing your week on a Vaxathon day. Not even the worst cynic in me thought the numbers would actually go backward! Mainstream media bought and paid for are SILENT on this today. I have added a totals column so you can compare. Yes compared to the week before first doses FELL 6% or 6,965 and second doses FELL a whopping 46,574 or 12% on the week before.   The raw numbers are found here. Despite all the self-congratulations and the empty praise of the efforts so far, this is appalling. Something is desperately wrong here that numbers of vaccinations despite all the promotion and hoopla are actually slowing down. Jacinda Ardern on Friday needs to do one thing and it's something she does not even seem to be able to do in her private life. SET A BLOODY DATE TO OPEN UP THE JOINT. There is still not enough urgency if vaccination numbers have gone backward compared to the previous week despite the vaxathon. National have - t