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The Cost Of Covid Brownmail Today Doled Out By Ardern - $120m

We learned a few more things today from the non-announcement of the traffic lights. 1. The fools have NO vaccination passport ready.  They need November to actually do that, which is why there are no traffic lights yet for the South Island.  They cannot currently run a system to exclude the very few people who are not vaccinated. 2. The cost of the Maori caucus agreeing to this was $120 million to their mates. Brownmail.   As predicted in my post in response to Sir Ian Taylor being gamed. I have heard whinging that Maori have not been given resources to "reach their people".  We can debunk this false news very quickly. In addition to a whopping $900 million to Maori way back in May 2020 . Exhibit A   A process began in April 2021 with expected contract start dates of 1 July 2021 to do the very thing that Maori have whinged about.   Where has the money gone? Who got this money? What did they actually do from 1 July running this campaign?  Exhibit B - September 2021 another $38

Random Impertinent MIQ Question For A Friday

So if I arrive from overseas and test positive despite no other symptoms and am shipped off to quarantine (as opposed to MIQ), can I now just go home? Like a New Zealander in the community who has tested a definite positive?  Home isolation. If so, why are negative testing New Zealanders arriving in who can prove they do not have covid-19 kept in jail in a hotel room at their expense for 14 days? Right now it is way better to have Covid-19 and be sent to home isolation than it 14 days of Hell in a Cell in MIQ from overseas. There is absolutely ZERO justification for anyone paying for MIQ coming in from overseas now, that is for sure. Even less justification for having to do it.