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White "Experts" Stay In Your Lane - Maori Get the Vaccine Or Take A Punt

And so it goes on Yeah Nah. The Treaty has given Maori a Partnership with their Colonial ancestors who have provided access to free Western medicine that has created a vaccination to save them. Take it.  Free public health in New Zealand.  A free vaccine. Or do not. But how any can invoke the Spanish Flu in 1918 when Maori have thanks to signing the TOW, 103 more years of advantages of Western medicine and State Housing and free education to accelerate them from dying of the Spanish flu, is beyond the worst taking of the mickey I have seen. Older Maori who actually were first generation off the Spanish flu have actually gone and got vaccinated because they know it is important.  The younger ones who are refusing to do so or can't be bothered so do not have this excuse.  They are just lazy. The clock is ticking until the vaccinated populous turns badly on Maori if they realise that the reason they do not have rights and freedoms back is ridiculous nonsense like this. Stuff poll says