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NSW Leads While Auckland Bleeds

  NSW opened up on 11th October.  Cases are plummeting.  Life is rolling on. Here are the current vaccination rates for Auckland. The important thing to remember is that Auckland's measures have to include those aged 12+, not Sydney that measures at 16+ for their 80 or 90% trigger points.  It is ludicrous that Auckland cannot open right now at least within its own boundaries.  There is limited public health justification for it, and serves only the ego of a leader who will not even visit her own electorate. It is like she has forgotten the South Island and Auckland and lives in her own little Beltway bubble with her adoring Maori caucus and Clarke the wild venison hunter . She has not been in Auckland the entire lockdown.   August 9th -  Ardern had this to say about NSW: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has indicated travel with New South Wales could be closed for the rest of 2021, unless the state gets on top of its outbreak and returns to zero Covid-19 in the community. Now the spot

Jacinda Ardern As The Most Divisive Leader In NZ's History - Tik Tok For The Win Today

  Not a word untrue. And from a guy who Labour stereotypically would have already counted on for his vote.