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"I Think I Will Switch From Mike Hosking To Listen To Tova O'Brien"

  Says no Mike Hosking fan ------------------- ever. Breakfast is a hard timeslot for a new starter to break into when there are already two radio behemoths in the news market, Newstalk ZB and Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report. Yes and people who want to hear pinko lockdown lunatics and climate doomists, already listen to Moaning Report. Magic Talk is a graveyard for careers and a departure lounge for the retiring.  You can relaunch it as many times as you want, it went woke and it will stay broke. Talkback callers and the core audience will never forgive it. No one seems to get out of there alive unless they go and do something else completely in life or set up something else. Long may that be the case. I guess now we know who will get the PM on first to continue to give her $55m of PR and patsies.