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Please Let NZ Extinction Rebellion Start On New Zealand Farmers

Please. Please. Pass the Popcorn. Do we have a New Zealand branch of Extinction Rebellion? The mentally ill nutcase class of the 2020's, commonly known as "climate activists" are spreading around the planet gloom and doom and frightening the children.  The world is going to get 1.5 degrees warmer by the end of the century they say even if we spend trillions to give to rent seekers, pathetic despots in Africa and of course the UN.  And the likes of the Ghost, the traitor and unAustralian Malcolm Turnbull, who has already gone long with his millions in this. And none of this will matter as China and India will continue to take the piss and do next to nothing as Russia joins in laughing at the western world. I welcome the warm.  Even a 2.5 degree increase for parts of New Zealand. Human beings are adaptable and at times utterly brilliant. We will cope, through invention and technology that has possibly not even happened yet.  None of this needs taxpayer subsidy and handing m

Bloomfield Tells Tamihere To Get Stuffed

I agree with Bloomfield on this one. Read between the lines here you can see a real division between Government/Bloomfield and the far left of Maori politics of which now previously centre-right John Tamihere has found a home. He has been fomenting mischief to fuel his own ego here in cohoots with others.  That is the allegation in this response. Tamihere has already mouthed off in his usually manner upsetting everyone and creating the impression he is the brown saviour of yet another Maori problem that only he can solve. The decision was made “in light of the evidence of vaccine uptake and coverage”, Bloomfield wrote. “We have concluded it would not be appropriate to adopt a blanket approach to the sharing of Māori health information you have requested on a North Island basis.” Treaty principles required the Crown to act as a “reasonable partner” to Māori and to provide equal protection and equity, he wrote. The usual Treaty of Waitangi waffle and reading far more into an historical d