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Explaining And Losing - New Law Society President Apologises For No Reason Whatsoever

Why is this even a story? She never even posted this. We have suffered being represented by woke friend of Labour Maori activists in Tiana Epati, for the last years.  Her prime achievement is a stream of celebrity instagram Maori endorsement from her pinko mates in the Labour Party and far left Maori activists of He Puapua.  Her faux oppression comes from the "waitress made good" backstory when in truth she is the Samoan daughter of a Judge. This makes her far more privileged than others in the profession without this legacy. This woman has used the post of Law Society president to spread wokeness through the profession and fill her own ego. She does not represent the majority of barristers and solicitors in New Zealand. It has been cringeworthy to see everyone bullied into silence daring not to upset not only a woman but a Samoan woman with Maori mates. Jacqueline Lethbridge represents the new People's hero in Murray Bolton, who paid her firm a small fortune to challeng