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Maori Leaders Should Be Demanding Maori Stay At Home - Let The Rest Of Us Get On With It

The only incentive you should need to get a vaccine, especially from a "vulnerable" community - is that it will up the odds considerably of you NOT DYING. If you do not value your own life that much - why the hell should the rest of us stop our lives and give up our rights and freedoms, and businesses for 12 weeks, to care about or save yours? Covid-19 case numbers are now a Maori problem.   Unlike the rest of us, their leaders want everyone locked down when it is very easy to pinpoint why Auckland sits silent heading into the busiest time of the year.  Today there were 222 cases, 60% Maori and 22% Pacific Islanders. It is obvious where these cases are coming from, who they are and that many cases are within families.  Hone Harawira and his mates want Aucklanders locked out of Northland.  Well how about we spin that on its head and Auckland lock out Hone Harawira and his mates instead?  You know. For their own health and safety post-colonisation? Limit their freedoms and righ