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Time Is Up Hone - Get Everyone Vaccinated Or They Will Die

The "summer from hell" is coming to Hone's people. Really? This guy continues to be an absolute muppet. If he didn't have some Maori ancestry, we would be allowed to laugh at him, call him a left-wing extremist and cancel him for good. Why. oh why, do the media give this anti-white, far-left moron, oxygen when in his life the best thing that has ever happened to him was that he has a Maori or two as his relatives? Yes the best thing that has ever happened to Hone Harawira is that he was born with Maori privilege . Look at it. He has NO authority to stop a car coming at him.  He is not a policeman.  He is an unfit and proper goon with a high-vis vest. No mask.  No training.  No education. “Tai Tokerau Māori live in some of the most under-invested and deprived communities in New Zealand,” he said. These communities were struggling with housing poverty, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence and suicide, many of which had increased with Covid-19, Harawira sai