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Covid Cartel Cuckoo Siouxsie The First To Break

  No prizes for guessing which of the New Zealand Covid Cartel would be the first to break in anticipation of their weekly press releases of doom prior to Monday Cabinet. University of Auckland associate professor Siouxsie Wiles says after almost two years of the pandemic, the world still isn't learning - leading to new variants being created. "What it shows is that this is just another example of how globally the world is failing to deal with this pandemic," Dr Wiles tells Newshub. "We are not making vaccines available to everybody. No one is safe until we are all safe.  Oh please do shut the fuck up with the white saviour complex. That South Africa is not vaccinated is entirely the fault of their corrupt scum government that has looked after its population to a lower standard than it did in the apartheid regime. The answer to her is just to close the borders to every bongo bongo country in the world.  But that would be rrrrrracist. "What we need to remember is

Luxon As Leader? No Choice Is Always The Best Possible Choice

The National Party caucus have no other option but to pick Chris Luxon as leader.  Along with it Nicola Willis as the Deputy should she put her name forward for the job.  She is definitely a future contender for leader at some point. This is precisely the best possible position Luxon could find himself in.  Simon Bridges and Judith Collins effectively blew themselves up last week.  As spectacular as it was, it was the worst Christmas news outside Jacinda Ardern announcing her resignation to "spend more time with her family and have another child", that Labour could have had.  Hold the phone on that. Many political commentators, all whom have never succeeded at politics, let alone anything much else in life, are saying Luxon's experience as a business leader does not translate into success politically.  They even go to the whispering classes put out by the left that Luxon was not much good at his job leading the government department that was Air NZ. While of course this i