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Maori Flexing To Ruin Summer For Others

  So let me get this straight. The SAME group of people too lazy to get vaccinated, who Aucklanders have been locked up now for 14 weeks to "save", are now telling those same Aucklanders they cannot visit holiday homes and family in the regions? The SAME group of people who have spread Covid in their communities by constant rule breaking and not following health directives?  And have made contact tracing almost impossible for health authorities? The SAME group of people who when placed in quarantine facilities have tried to escape, attacked MIQ staff and trashed hotels? How about these Iwi "leaders" who claim to represent all Maori, just shut their large pie holes and actually be grateful of the sacrifices Aucklanders have made based on ridiculous assumptions Maori still live in caves and would die as they did in the times of the Spanish flu. I cannot believe all Maori support this lockout summer flex. And it is not a lockdown it is a plain lockout. If Maori wish to