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STOP THE PRESS - Hungover Australian Man Woken By Cellphone Drops The F Bomb

I have not been in the mood to blog much lately however this one caught my eye. Australia has conducted its own witch-hunt allowing people to air their grievances working in and around politics.  Only a small proportion bothered to reply, and a small portion of these were upset. Alan Tudge is a Liberal and engaged in a consensual affair with a woman called Rachelle Miller. A taxpayer-funded workplace investigation into Education Minister Alan Tudge’s extramarital affair and treatment of Ms Miller found there was insufficient evidence to substantiate allegations of inappropriate behaviours. Mr Tudge has admitted to the affair and apologised to his wife, family and Ms Miller but flatly rejected any suggestion of bullying. She had a go and now she is having another.  Throwing up this example of Tudge's alleged abuse. During one trip to Kalgoorlie with then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to announce the Cashless Welfare Card trial, Ms Miller said Mr Tudge encouraged her to stay up lat