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Why The Hysteria Over Roe v Wade Does Not Matter Other Than Luxon Is The Winner Today

Right now the most epic thing online is watching the political left explode about Roe v Wade. Especially as they think it has relevance in New Zealand.  Or anywhere else in the world. It does not. Yes I’m talking about you Nanaia Mahuta. Now obviously I am in favour of abortion. More abortion. I want abortion to be more frequent than it is now. If you cannot feed the child you should not breed. I want every woman who cannot afford to have that child, who is not in a stable relationship, to abort that child. Disgusting? Well…. I don’t consider a fetus a life etc…I wish more people who do not want or cannot afford children, to kill them off before they’re born.  Because that is what you do when you abort a child. Not pretty.  Regardless.  When a mother may die if their child is not aborted, same thing.  Awful decisions made at awful times.  No one wants to talk about it because the decision to do so must be beyond awful. BUT I am a political right winger. The political LEFT are going ful

The Romanticisation of Maori Culture Reaches A New Peak Mental

Every second of this last week it appears New Zealand's team of $55m is shoving out pumped up nonsense about the Maori culture. Matariki apparently means we cannot have sales in shops and "commercialisation". Yet looking around there are no shortage of exploitation by Maori and other Maori aligned friends and consultants, of the weekend off.  A completely made up holiday.  The difference between this one and Easter and Christmas is us adults in the room actually know they are made up holidays based on story time.  Adults are being forced to run with this nonsense of Matariki and play along with it for fear of the town square throwing rocks in your face. But putting this obvious observation of the nonsense to one side, this piece springs to mind as the most demented so far by Stuff, on The Lion King. The  Lion King's history is on Wikipedia.   An average cartoon classic made into a hit ironically with a fat, old, gay, pasty colonial in Sir Elton John contributing to a

Chinese Slumlords Appropriating Maori Culture

When working in Hong Kong a daily laugh were the company names the Chinese clients would wish to incorporate. Companies like Bright Horse Limited, Shining Sun Limited, Prospect Happiness Limited, Ever Love Limited. A bastardisation of our language with meaningless word soup. During my brief period in life working in New Zealand it laughed up an entire cubicle as we found records for Butt Prospecting Limited. You can look that one up yourselves for amusement as to the owner. Today Stuff, you know, the fountain of truth, pumped out this beauty clickbait. Jesus, you have to click on that as it is so bad.  Here is the link. The tenants took their landlord Mauri Ora Limited to the tenancy tribunal and said there were times they’d flush the toilet and faeces and toilet paper would come out the other side of the Kelston house. Yes okay so at that point you want to know who these Maori are who are shit landlords don't you? Don't you? Mauri Ora if you give it a bit of a google means:

The Taniwha And The Tiger Mum

Penny Wong has arrived so the South Pacific finally has an adult in the room. While I care none for her politics, I do not doubt her competency to deal with matters at hand, no matter how misguided.  You could not see a larger contrast with Nanaia Mahuta if you tried. Wong has already clocked more air miles than Mahuta in the whole time Mahuta has held the Foreign Affairs portfolio.  She will outwit, outwork and outplay Mahuta.  Mahuta will continue to speak her brand of muddled word soup in the play room.  She has a ll the gear and no idea and thinks nothing of New Zealand, only of Maori. If Mahuta and Wong ever have a disagreement I know where I would put my money.  Wong is one of the "Mean Girls" in Australia and is known to be an out and out bitch when required. The Tiger mum is not afraid of a Taniwha in protecting her territory. New Zealand will be returning to be Australia's little nodding bitch in the natural order of matters now Wong is in charge.  Mahuta will b

Democracy On Colour Of Scott Base But Not Maori Co-Governance!

  So we are allowed to voice an opinion on something as extraneous as the colour to paint a place barely any of us wish to, or will go...... Antarctica New Zealand asked the country to vote for one of three colour choices for the exterior paint job – kikorangi, karaka or kākāriki (blue, orange or green) – for the $344 million rebuild of the Scott Base research hub. Close to 10,000 votes have been cast as of Monday afternoon ahead of the cut-off at midnight Tuesday.   BUT we are not allowed to vote on a change from the democracy in which we all know. Jacinda Ardern is marching to the beat of her racist "kill a white" extremists in the Maori caucus and MahutaCorp to force through changes in all manner of legislation, as outlined by the activist Maori Studies 101 paper that is He Puapua.  A paper the Party had commissioned but refused to take to the people at the last election. Such change that He Puapua advocates should require a referendum at the very least.  Maori are not a d

Nothing Smells Worse Than The Burn Of Sanctimonious White Guilt

  This is beyond hilarious. Here we have a man taking a dump all over his own family's history using a modern construct from a safe job in academia. As reported from "Te Māngai Pāho and the Public Interest Journalism Fund".  In other words - the team of $55m. "People's land was stolen and my great-grandfather was a beneficiary of that process . I could avoid knowing anything about any of it for 55 years. To me, that's what Pākehā privilege looks like. There it is, right there," Prof Shaw told The Hui. Right. Mr Shaw is trying to advance his own finances and academic career by selling books and gaining taxpayer grants.  But no, this is not his issue to own as his family sold the land, he would have given it back!: After three generations, Prof Shaw's family sold their land to other farmers in the 1970s.  "There will be people who have written to me and said, 'You should return that land or your family should return that land'. It's n

New Zealand Will NEVER Be The First Choice For Talent

I am sorry. Not. There is not one country right now I could not go and live in if I really wanted to. New Zealand needs to stop the delusion that "talent" wants to actually come to New Zealand to work.  That cannot already get in. New Zealand is the last chance western country for immigration. Seriously? Who are these people? And wtf does any of the above actually mean? Indian Uber drivers? Filipino chefs? "Students" doing basket weaving courses? If you cannot already get into New Zealand or Australia or the UK or the USA then we are at the low benchmark barrow. The problem with immigration is this.  It is the same with "international students". The people wanting to come to New Zealand are not the best of the best. Disagree? I will pose these questions. To get my Hong Kong Permanent Residency after seven years living there I had to prove I had enough cash to support myself, that I would not bring over reliant relatives and bludgers off my visa and I would

Earth to National - Come In National......

Christopher Luxon keeps falling into the dark brown holes of Maoridom. It is a position he should never go.  There was absolutely no need for him to comment.  The death and tangi should have been left without comment. The Maori   Mahuta elite will never back him. The Maori "academic"  taxpayer funded activist troughers redesigning democracy via He Puapua will never back him. Maori who are being fluffed by Labour and "Covid cash" will never back him. The Twitter Twats will never back him. There is absolutely NOTHING positive for National and Luxon about appearing Maori woke. Normal Maori, those who are likely to not necessarily vote for National, but will not vote Labour or for Maori extremists in the Maori Party, will not be impressed by this embrace. They will view it as virtue signalling. Why oh why would he make any sort of tribute to Joe Hawke? There was absolutely no need.  If he has not noticed, elderly Maori are currently dropping like flies.  There are taong

A Call To Arms For Australian Men - Trade The "Teal Heel" In For A Ukranian Hottie

Australia for once is an election cycle behind New Zealand. Last election stupid entitled women with wealthy husbands/fathers/inheritance voted for the left because they liked Jacinda. New Zealand men were too weak to stop that. These women are now regretting this.  The surge back to National shows this. Australian women seem to in the words of clothes horse Julie Bishop, be angry. Bishop only ever achieved the heights she did because she has legs for Africa and would look good in a potato sack.  The woman was not especially brilliant apart from this. There were many Liberal women smarter and better qualified who were overlooked during her time. Here is the Bish walking to her appointment on Australian media wearing the most hideous LV coat made in history.  Something you would expect Beyonce to wear after yet another time Jay Z side-eyed another woman. Julie's conclusion appears to have been drawn after listening to a mentally ill young woman who really only has achieved fame as s

Defund Otago University - Parasitic Worm Naming Is Now Sexist!

Just when you think there is Peak Stupid at New Zealand Universities, up pops new contenders. If you ever want a reason why those of us who call a spade a shovel in real life are LAUGHING at so called "experts" during Covid who got almost every prediction dead wrong, this is it. Yes your taxes are paying for this tripe. But Professor Robert Poulin, from the University of Otago in New Zealand, has said the trend should be avoided as it can lead to 'nomenclatural regret'.  Nomenclatural regret? Is he having a fucking lend? How much money is he paid for this sort of "research" and commentary? This work received no funding other than the salary paid to all three authors by the University of Otago. THREE! But then this gave me a little idea: One or two species named after a famous scientist should be enough to honour them, and, he adds, if you are going to name a creature after a scientist, try to honour women scientists as much as you honour men - as most creatu

A Fool And HER Money Are Always Parted

It is hard to have a gram of sympathy for women this stupid. One can only conclude that it was money this lot have is from an inheritance or a divorce.  No woman actually working to make themselves $1 million would surely be this stupid.   I cannot believe it. There is never an excuse to give a man money in a relationship, especially one where you have not even met the guy to ascertain he is of any worth in the scratcher! One may be excused if he was twenty years younger, hot and Brazilian. If you are a woman and actually self-sufficient and working, the easy part is making the money.  The hard part is stopping grifters grifting and emotionally abusing you to take some or all of it from you.  Reading this latest lot of sob stories on the net: There is always a big deal "just waiting completion" where they can get rich and pay you back. There is always a sob story, a health issue. There is always some offshore country they work in. The pictures of the men are always rather goo

The World's Leading Cause Of Poverty IS Children

The leading cause of poverty in the world is children. Let me explain. If you have more children than you can ever afford you will always be poor in this new world. Especially in a first world country.  As nice as it is to have a mini me, they’re expensive.   I can afford to have children.  I would tag it at four  2.5 ( a friend just sent me an estimate of her bills! ) that I could afford to give a private school nice Remuera suburban life to, doing the maths.  Every family with less income and wealth than mine should never be contemplating such an exercise in New Zealand as it is today. Of course I would never do this as the most important thing you can give children with the money is time.  And I have none for that because it is not my thing.  Twenty minutes with a child at a time turns me to eye rolling. Every child born into this world with parents who cannot afford to pay for that child is 100 percent an ego trip for the parents.    Why are you having these children?  Ego? Mental