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The World's Leading Cause Of Poverty IS Children

The leading cause of poverty in the world is children. Let me explain. If you have more children than you can ever afford you will always be poor in this new world. Especially in a first world country.  As nice as it is to have a mini me, they’re expensive.   I can afford to have children.  I would tag it at four  2.5 ( a friend just sent me an estimate of her bills! ) that I could afford to give a private school nice Remuera suburban life to, doing the maths.  Every family with less income and wealth than mine should never be contemplating such an exercise in New Zealand as it is today. Of course I would never do this as the most important thing you can give children with the money is time.  And I have none for that because it is not my thing.  Twenty minutes with a child at a time turns me to eye rolling. Every child born into this world with parents who cannot afford to pay for that child is 100 percent an ego trip for the parents.    Why are you having these children?  Ego? Mental