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New Zealand Will NEVER Be The First Choice For Talent

I am sorry. Not. There is not one country right now I could not go and live in if I really wanted to. New Zealand needs to stop the delusion that "talent" wants to actually come to New Zealand to work.  That cannot already get in. New Zealand is the last chance western country for immigration. Seriously? Who are these people? And wtf does any of the above actually mean? Indian Uber drivers? Filipino chefs? "Students" doing basket weaving courses? If you cannot already get into New Zealand or Australia or the UK or the USA then we are at the low benchmark barrow. The problem with immigration is this.  It is the same with "international students". The people wanting to come to New Zealand are not the best of the best. Disagree? I will pose these questions. To get my Hong Kong Permanent Residency after seven years living there I had to prove I had enough cash to support myself, that I would not bring over reliant relatives and bludgers off my visa and I would

Earth to National - Come In National......

Christopher Luxon keeps falling into the dark brown holes of Maoridom. It is a position he should never go.  There was absolutely no need for him to comment.  The death and tangi should have been left without comment. The Maori   Mahuta elite will never back him. The Maori "academic"  taxpayer funded activist troughers redesigning democracy via He Puapua will never back him. Maori who are being fluffed by Labour and "Covid cash" will never back him. The Twitter Twats will never back him. There is absolutely NOTHING positive for National and Luxon about appearing Maori woke. Normal Maori, those who are likely to not necessarily vote for National, but will not vote Labour or for Maori extremists in the Maori Party, will not be impressed by this embrace. They will view it as virtue signalling. Why oh why would he make any sort of tribute to Joe Hawke? There was absolutely no need.  If he has not noticed, elderly Maori are currently dropping like flies.  There are taong

A Call To Arms For Australian Men - Trade The "Teal Heel" In For A Ukranian Hottie

Australia for once is an election cycle behind New Zealand. Last election stupid entitled women with wealthy husbands/fathers/inheritance voted for the left because they liked Jacinda. New Zealand men were too weak to stop that. These women are now regretting this.  The surge back to National shows this. Australian women seem to in the words of clothes horse Julie Bishop, be angry. Bishop only ever achieved the heights she did because she has legs for Africa and would look good in a potato sack.  The woman was not especially brilliant apart from this. There were many Liberal women smarter and better qualified who were overlooked during her time. Here is the Bish walking to her appointment on Australian media wearing the most hideous LV coat made in history.  Something you would expect Beyonce to wear after yet another time Jay Z side-eyed another woman. Julie's conclusion appears to have been drawn after listening to a mentally ill young woman who really only has achieved fame as s

Defund Otago University - Parasitic Worm Naming Is Now Sexist!

Just when you think there is Peak Stupid at New Zealand Universities, up pops new contenders. If you ever want a reason why those of us who call a spade a shovel in real life are LAUGHING at so called "experts" during Covid who got almost every prediction dead wrong, this is it. Yes your taxes are paying for this tripe. But Professor Robert Poulin, from the University of Otago in New Zealand, has said the trend should be avoided as it can lead to 'nomenclatural regret'.  Nomenclatural regret? Is he having a fucking lend? How much money is he paid for this sort of "research" and commentary? This work received no funding other than the salary paid to all three authors by the University of Otago. THREE! But then this gave me a little idea: One or two species named after a famous scientist should be enough to honour them, and, he adds, if you are going to name a creature after a scientist, try to honour women scientists as much as you honour men - as most creatu

A Fool And HER Money Are Always Parted

It is hard to have a gram of sympathy for women this stupid. One can only conclude that it was money this lot have is from an inheritance or a divorce.  No woman actually working to make themselves $1 million would surely be this stupid.   I cannot believe it. There is never an excuse to give a man money in a relationship, especially one where you have not even met the guy to ascertain he is of any worth in the scratcher! One may be excused if he was twenty years younger, hot and Brazilian. If you are a woman and actually self-sufficient and working, the easy part is making the money.  The hard part is stopping grifters grifting and emotionally abusing you to take some or all of it from you.  Reading this latest lot of sob stories on the net: There is always a big deal "just waiting completion" where they can get rich and pay you back. There is always a sob story, a health issue. There is always some offshore country they work in. The pictures of the men are always rather goo