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New Zealand About To Be "Each Way" Albowed

Anthony Albanese has form in politics for saying one thing then saying and doing another at a later date to another audience.  Some would call that lying, but loving Australian media outside of the heroes at Sky News never call him on it, pet naming him "each way Albo". The Morning After Albo Along with Labor, he spent every waking hour working against ratfucking Scott Morrison during the pandemic, managing to turn all the State Premiers on the Federal Libs with their approaches to lockdowns and restrictions.  Now he has turned around having won the election and like a good socialist has unilaterally proclaimed that the new politics demanded is that  everyone works together! I cannot wait to see how this unfolds because Jacinda Ardern is up against a total pro here. A man who has fooled a country with a population 5 times that of New Zealand that it is ok to be economically illiterate when asked hard questions.   Two politicians who love nothing more than announcing when ann

Foot and Mouth For NZ Is Worse Than Covid - What Is Labour Doing?

Why are New Zealand media not reporting on the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Bali? While there are a lot of Australians there presently, there will be during school holidays more than a few New Zealanders, if not now. The Aussies are worried enough to be pumping out the articles in media.  Google right now there is a healthy sense of panic brewing. The team of $55m? Silent apart from this.  Should New Zealand be hit again with it the result would be an apocalypse the likes the country has never seen. "Our front-line staff at the border are paying close attention to goods and any travellers arriving in the country with Indonesia as their point of departure." "Our multi-layered biosecurity system includes risk assessment, visual inspections, X-ray screening, scanning technology, and detector dogs to prevent risk goods from being carried into New Zealand by travellers or arriving by mail. All shipping containers and imported goods are assessed for biosecurity risk.&

Thor Love and Thunder Review

After my panning of Maori Lion King I thought it best I watch Taika Waititi's Thor for some balance.  Given the comic nature of the movie I shall reward it with bullet points. Love - Chris Hemsworth's naked rear view. - Taika Waititi's bro accent narrating.  It is wearing thin but still funny. - The half and half sweet and salt popcorn. - My double sofa first class seating recliner. - That is was only 2 hours. I cannot sit through 180 minutes of Elvis for instance, even on a comfy seat. - Guns N Roses soundtrack. - Bautista is in it. - Russell Crowe is in it. - Did I mention Chris Hemsworth's naked rear view? Thunder - Woke virtue signalling.  Thor is saved by a woman at one point, his sidekick is lesbian, Korg is homosexual with references to two men creating life together, the leading child character is black.  The sick woman dies after saving Universe.  Thor becomes a solo father adopting the child of his nemesis. - No Idris Elba.  Boo. - That I did not watch this a