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No Evidence Of Systemic Racism For Which Health Reforms Now Based On

I heard this interview this afternoon on Newstalk ZB and wondered how the team of $55m would hide the story which is an oh so inconvenient truth for their Public Interest Journalism Fund qualifications: Round SIX of this is due for tender btw in one more day before Santa rolls out even more of your presents for the media just in time for Christmas. The NZ Initiative has prepared research  by Dr Bryce Wilkinson, with a foreword from Dr Des Gorman, himself a Maori, and it concludes there was no evidence whatsoever to base claims that there is systemic racism in the Health system.   The full report and research documents are fascinating. In other words, they are currently ripping up the DHB's and socially engineering a system for Maori all in the middle of the system reeling from the mad policies during Covid, with no evidence the old one was racist at all. “It is your circumstances that should count, not your group classification,” Dr Wilkinson said. Now as at tonight, I see absolute

Team Of $55m Getting Out Their Sorry Machines

How about this cracker? In other words - The Herald published a complete fabrication and never even bothered asking Rodney Hide before it was published to the accuracy of Chadwick's allegation. So what will be Chadwick's legacy as Mayor of Rotorua? Quite simply standing aside quietly while Labour marched in and dumped transitional housing persons and filled motels with gangs and undesirable persons who have not only terrorised the Rotorua community but other tenants in those motels who truly need a place to live and have caused no trouble. In the next few days there should be many apologies resulting from the smear campaign by the witches coven of being a "conspiracy theorist".  Or just as bad, "following" a Facebook page which is the digital equivalent of being caught watching someone in  the town square. Media themselves are engaging in spreading malicious disinformation in the democracy of local government elections. This is the new screaming "racist

No Paula and Simon The Left Wing Do Not Like You They Are Mocking YOU

Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett seem to have some sort of competition for the weakest unlink from politics. Today Paula Bennett had this PR spray. Where the Chairman of Bayleys said so much without saying much at all. This brings us to a very fancy lounge on the second floor of a national real estate company's headquarters. Bennett's job title is "national director – customer engagement & advisory". What does she actually do here? The chairman of the board has just slipped in to make a coffee. He has some thoughts: "The square root of f*** all!" Either David or John Bayley have made this comment.  Not in jest. They are both serious people. Bennett hoots. She loves this family-owned company - what she calls the "Kiwiness" of it. She's never sold a house. Her role is to connect things. People, money, policy.  Kim Knight did an amazing job  We might look at a big, potential land development. Is there a way government housing can work with a lo

Let Us Talk About Them Ram Raids Then Hipkins

  Now we are talking about the age of those committing ram raids, can we have media ask Hipkins these pertinent questions: 1. How many are committed by youths other than Maori and Pacific Island Youth? 2. How many are committed by youths as gang initiations? 3. How many have resulted in any punishment at all? And what are those punishments? These scrotes are not ram raiding because they are hungry.  Hell the little/fat scrotes do not even know their way to the locked cabinets to pinch the champers which has the highest resale.  If they were poor and hungry they would be ram raiding supermarkets. They are ram raiding for bling, for cheap booze they drink, and chips and nuts they can munch on. Then in all likelihood holding a party at Air BnB's in apartments celebrating their ram raid with the above and a meth run.    You do not hear of these parties, as I found when I was back in New Zealand, as the owners of apartments are terrified.  Not because of the safety of the other tenants

Grant Robertson Slams New Speaker Rurawhe's Abortion Stance

Yes the above is a headline you are never going to see on the propaganda wing of the team of $55m. Luxon is picked on for his religion. Adrian Rurawhe is not only a member of the cult of the Ratana church.  His great-grandfather was the founder! He also voted against abortion reform.  And end of life reform. Unfortunately he was not an MP when Louisa Wall introduced the gay marriage laws so we could see what a clanger that may have been given the Ratana Church does not allow that. Another day, another sterling Maori entry appropriating Savile Row milliners So Chris Luxon is pilloried for weeks for his conservative values.  He will continue to be as we head into election year. His religion is mocked by the left as a meme. The Speaker, who currently holds a more powerful post than Luxon?  Who we rely on for balance.  Well he has what the left wish to portray in Luxon as socially extremist views. A member of the Ratana church cult, related to the founder? We get crickets from media and th

No You Cannot - Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

  NO YOU CANNOT. THE MAN IS A MULTI BILLIONAIRE. NOPE NOPE TODAY? - DEFINITELY NOPE Bless Jemima for those nice words but Grandpa is a business freak and a multi-billionaire. There is no act to follow there.  None of his children or grandchildren have a chance of starting from where he did and doing what he did.  There is no comparison. Going to Grandpa for a $500 loan and a bank guarantee even inflation adjusted is going to get 99% of the population absolutely nowhere. Jemima does not need the cash, the guarantee from Grandpa alone will set her up for whatever she wishes to do.  People will be crawling up to loan her money on the basis of being a member of the Hart Foundation and the "too big to fail" principle. The greatest thing businesspeople can pass on is actually telling others to stop comparing their lives to the one in front of them.  Instead of being “humble” and “passionate” they need to be rude about their achievements and realise how abnormal they are and that ot

Foster Stays Journalists Forced To Feed Off Something Else

  There will be a lot of this happening right now among the so called "experts" in the New Zealand sports media. At least another year of being out in the cold with the New Zealand Rugby Union given the stories they have published demanding the sacking of Ian Foster. Some of them quite dreadful. Finally there could be some turnover in the dreary sports newsrooms off the back of this.  Limited access to the largest stories in sports. I urge NZRU to start with the woke and dreary D'Arcy Waldegrave who rates himself crossing over into Heather Du Plessis-Allan's political commentary.  He knows stuff all about politics. I learn nothing from listening to him rabbit on awkwardly about sports.  I know a reasonable amount about all sports but I expect someone in his job to know a hell of a lot more. NZRU could really help drain the swamp by cutting off access to those who have whinged and bagged them and Ian Foster for the last weeks.

The Woke In Favour Of Whittaker's Score An Own Goal

  So was the public backlash against Whittaker's one of appropriating Te Reo to flog a high-calorie unhealthy junk food to a race of person we are told by "experts" have terrible health issues? Of course not.   Or that they didn't use dark chocolate? No.  Of course not. The woke whities on Twitter all piled in to show their virtue to beat up on a blogger who has within 24 hours become New Zealand's best milk chocolate salesman. Stuff and their mates have gone long accepting funds from the team of $55m fund to produce stories such as this: The irony of using Te Reo to market a chocolate brand for a week cannot be ignored.   Nor that the blogger who the media normally do not name in Whaleoil, was taken to court by public health "academics" who endlessly pitch how bad marketing products such as milk chocolate are, especially for Maori. What a jedi mind trick that he is now New Zealand's best milk chocolate salesman elevated by the “racist” screaming wo

When Will The Modern Day Nats Learn From 1984?

No I do not mean George Orwell.  Not this time anyway. Last week, thanks to a once in a hundred year seasonal rainfall, I was bereft of things to do.  This is always dangerous as it can go one of two ways.  As is often when there is a once in a hundred year `seasonal rainfall, it is too wet to get to the nearest bar to fill in the boredom once business has been attended to, so one has to find something more wholesome to do.  When this happens I usually quietly lie down and read a book until I am distracted by my own wandering mind and small attention span on more exciting matters like booking my next holiday or online shopping.  I do not know how, but I found in the NZ on Screen archives, this piece of national taonga.   Doing God's Work is a documentary on Sir Bob Jones and the New Zealand Party, that in 10 months under FPP won an extraordinary 12% of the vote removing a by then tyrannical Muldoon in the process. There are three parts to it, I have only embedded the first part,

Enjoying My Adult Supremacy Thank You

I was alerted today to this leftie lunacy. It needs a response. How about a hell NO. Adult supremacy is not only required it needs to be compulsory. No species survives by letting the youngest and the weakest control crucial outcomes. I am proud of my adult supremacy and will practice it regularly when required.  I have "little people" in the family.  Absolutely NONE of them are capable of making decisions for myself.   Humans sometimes deserve to become extinct with this sort of lunacy on offer promulgated I bet once again by the mentally ill who these days we are not allowed to call them what they are - the village idiots. Here are some.  Apart from the hostage 5th from the left. The Greens are so desperate to give children a vote. Yet so not desperate to jail the little fuckers to take adult responsibility for ram raids. Aucklanders have had enough. Do not be surprised when one of these thugs are captured and beaten to an inch of their life. No jury in the city will convic