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Rita Ora Concert Sells Out Tomorrow - The Start Of The Women's Rugby "Wonderfulness"

  How New Zealand can brag that this is a world record women's rugby crowd, is beyond me. If it actually has sold out then commercially it should be profitable. It will not be. ASB are not only giving away tickets to the tournament, they will feed you as well. And basically giving the other tickets away.  Expect to see stands full of school kids. Once viewers on TV have been drowned in Te Reo, bastardised grunting English of "bro, sis and chur" standard in commentary from under-dressed past and current players of every gender,  a solid mythology of Maori wonderfulness and wokeism telling us how amazing and diverse this is all going to be - there will finally be some rugby to watch.  The games I watch I will be tuning in not a second before. Overseas viewers with no knowledge of New Zealand by the end of the tournament will be under the impression 80% of the population are Maori, more than half of you are lesbian or gay, 20% are trans, both genders can be pregnant and you