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World Cup Wonderfulness - In Australia

I attended a World Cup final this weekend.   No it was not the "team of $55m" wonderfulness final. It was a T20 cricket one.  In Melbourne. England v Pakistan. I didn’t have the very best seats but the ones I had cost $A225. I don’t mind that as I love cricket and I have gone to every New Zealand game for the tournament including both semis and final. There were 80,000 people at the game last night. It was loud, proud and not a moment of woke but for a worse for wear elderly Aboriginal lady briefly welcoming the Australians and Pakistani immigrants around me to their own country.  Once again the world was reminded that the coloniser in England does not owe Pakistan or India anything. For they gave them one amazing thing among others that the Poms have still not received reparations for  - Cricket.  India and Pakistan are crazy about it. A final with them both would have been a 100k crowd that would have been amazing and even louder and I would have been there. In any case my