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A Fool And HER Money Are Always Parted

It is hard to have a gram of sympathy for women this stupid. One can only conclude that it was money this lot have is from an inheritance or a divorce.  No woman actually working to make themselves $1 million would surely be this stupid.   I cannot believe it. There is never an excuse to give a man money in a relationship, especially one where you have not even met the guy to ascertain he is of any worth in the scratcher! One may be excused if he was twenty years younger, hot and Brazilian. If you are a woman and actually self-sufficient and working, the easy part is making the money.  The hard part is stopping grifters grifting and emotionally abusing you to take some or all of it from you.  Reading this latest lot of sob stories on the net: There is always a big deal "just waiting completion" where they can get rich and pay you back. There is always a sob story, a health issue. There is always some offshore country they work in. The pictures of the men are always rather goo