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Defund Otago University - Parasitic Worm Naming Is Now Sexist!

Just when you think there is Peak Stupid at New Zealand Universities, up pops new contenders. If you ever want a reason why those of us who call a spade a shovel in real life are LAUGHING at so called "experts" during Covid who got almost every prediction dead wrong, this is it. Yes your taxes are paying for this tripe. But Professor Robert Poulin, from the University of Otago in New Zealand, has said the trend should be avoided as it can lead to 'nomenclatural regret'.  Nomenclatural regret? Is he having a fucking lend? How much money is he paid for this sort of "research" and commentary? This work received no funding other than the salary paid to all three authors by the University of Otago. THREE! But then this gave me a little idea: One or two species named after a famous scientist should be enough to honour them, and, he adds, if you are going to name a creature after a scientist, try to honour women scientists as much as you honour men - as most creatu