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Earth to National - Come In National......

Christopher Luxon keeps falling into the dark brown holes of Maoridom. It is a position he should never go.  There was absolutely no need for him to comment.  The death and tangi should have been left without comment. The Maori   Mahuta elite will never back him. The Maori "academic"  taxpayer funded activist troughers redesigning democracy via He Puapua will never back him. Maori who are being fluffed by Labour and "Covid cash" will never back him. The Twitter Twats will never back him. There is absolutely NOTHING positive for National and Luxon about appearing Maori woke. Normal Maori, those who are likely to not necessarily vote for National, but will not vote Labour or for Maori extremists in the Maori Party, will not be impressed by this embrace. They will view it as virtue signalling. Why oh why would he make any sort of tribute to Joe Hawke? There was absolutely no need.  If he has not noticed, elderly Maori are currently dropping like flies.  There are taong