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When Will The Modern Day Nats Learn From 1984?

No I do not mean George Orwell.  Not this time anyway. Last week, thanks to a once in a hundred year seasonal rainfall, I was bereft of things to do.  This is always dangerous as it can go one of two ways.  As is often when there is a once in a hundred year `seasonal rainfall, it is too wet to get to the nearest bar to fill in the boredom once business has been attended to, so one has to find something more wholesome to do.  When this happens I usually quietly lie down and read a book until I am distracted by my own wandering mind and small attention span on more exciting matters like booking my next holiday or online shopping.  I do not know how, but I found in the NZ on Screen archives, this piece of national taonga.   Doing God's Work is a documentary on Sir Bob Jones and the New Zealand Party, that in 10 months under FPP won an extraordinary 12% of the vote removing a by then tyrannical Muldoon in the process. There are three parts to it, I have only embedded the first part,