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The Woke In Favour Of Whittaker's Score An Own Goal

  So was the public backlash against Whittaker's one of appropriating Te Reo to flog a high-calorie unhealthy junk food to a race of person we are told by "experts" have terrible health issues? Of course not.   Or that they didn't use dark chocolate? No.  Of course not. The woke whities on Twitter all piled in to show their virtue to beat up on a blogger who has within 24 hours become New Zealand's best milk chocolate salesman. Stuff and their mates have gone long accepting funds from the team of $55m fund to produce stories such as this: The irony of using Te Reo to market a chocolate brand for a week cannot be ignored.   Nor that the blogger who the media normally do not name in Whaleoil, was taken to court by public health "academics" who endlessly pitch how bad marketing products such as milk chocolate are, especially for Maori. What a jedi mind trick that he is now New Zealand's best milk chocolate salesman elevated by the “racist” screaming wo