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Grant Robertson Slams New Speaker Rurawhe's Abortion Stance

Yes the above is a headline you are never going to see on the propaganda wing of the team of $55m. Luxon is picked on for his religion. Adrian Rurawhe is not only a member of the cult of the Ratana church.  His great-grandfather was the founder! He also voted against abortion reform.  And end of life reform. Unfortunately he was not an MP when Louisa Wall introduced the gay marriage laws so we could see what a clanger that may have been given the Ratana Church does not allow that. Another day, another sterling Maori entry appropriating Savile Row milliners So Chris Luxon is pilloried for weeks for his conservative values.  He will continue to be as we head into election year. His religion is mocked by the left as a meme. The Speaker, who currently holds a more powerful post than Luxon?  Who we rely on for balance.  Well he has what the left wish to portray in Luxon as socially extremist views. A member of the Ratana church cult, related to the founder? We get crickets from media and th