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Let Us Talk About Them Ram Raids Then Hipkins

  Now we are talking about the age of those committing ram raids, can we have media ask Hipkins these pertinent questions: 1. How many are committed by youths other than Maori and Pacific Island Youth? 2. How many are committed by youths as gang initiations? 3. How many have resulted in any punishment at all? And what are those punishments? These scrotes are not ram raiding because they are hungry.  Hell the little/fat scrotes do not even know their way to the locked cabinets to pinch the champers which has the highest resale.  If they were poor and hungry they would be ram raiding supermarkets. They are ram raiding for bling, for cheap booze they drink, and chips and nuts they can munch on. Then in all likelihood holding a party at Air BnB's in apartments celebrating their ram raid with the above and a meth run.    You do not hear of these parties, as I found when I was back in New Zealand, as the owners of apartments are terrified.  Not because of the safety of the other tenants