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No Paula and Simon The Left Wing Do Not Like You They Are Mocking YOU

Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett seem to have some sort of competition for the weakest unlink from politics. Today Paula Bennett had this PR spray. Where the Chairman of Bayleys said so much without saying much at all. This brings us to a very fancy lounge on the second floor of a national real estate company's headquarters. Bennett's job title is "national director – customer engagement & advisory". What does she actually do here? The chairman of the board has just slipped in to make a coffee. He has some thoughts: "The square root of f*** all!" Either David or John Bayley have made this comment.  Not in jest. They are both serious people. Bennett hoots. She loves this family-owned company - what she calls the "Kiwiness" of it. She's never sold a house. Her role is to connect things. People, money, policy.  Kim Knight did an amazing job  We might look at a big, potential land development. Is there a way government housing can work with a lo