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No Evidence Of Systemic Racism For Which Health Reforms Now Based On

I heard this interview this afternoon on Newstalk ZB and wondered how the team of $55m would hide the story which is an oh so inconvenient truth for their Public Interest Journalism Fund qualifications: Round SIX of this is due for tender btw in one more day before Santa rolls out even more of your presents for the media just in time for Christmas. The NZ Initiative has prepared research  by Dr Bryce Wilkinson, with a foreword from Dr Des Gorman, himself a Maori, and it concludes there was no evidence whatsoever to base claims that there is systemic racism in the Health system.   The full report and research documents are fascinating. In other words, they are currently ripping up the DHB's and socially engineering a system for Maori all in the middle of the system reeling from the mad policies during Covid, with no evidence the old one was racist at all. “It is your circumstances that should count, not your group classification,” Dr Wilkinson said. Now as at tonight, I see absolute