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The Right And Our Fight To Be Seen To Be "Diverse"

The best example of how racist the left are is happening in Australia right now. The right have not worked out how to deal with this. The hatred on anyone opposing the undefined “Voice”. The undefined silenced complete rort of “co-governance” creep. We need to work this out immediately. It’s not hard.  Australia and New Zealand are currently going through this. Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is a total political centre right wing rock star. Not only would I vote for her I would donate to any campaign she wishes. New Zealand centre right activists need to study her. And learn. She is just 41 years old. I’ve listened to Price for the best part of two years on Sky News. She’s an eloquent, intelligent woman of the centre right and yes Aboriginal. She ticks every box that they have in politics set by the woke. She’s everything I’ve wanted in a new age leader of the centre right. The Australian left hate her. With good reason.  She’s also a natural leader. Good luck anyone debating her when it co