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Why Didn't Ardern Invite Luxon To The Queen's Funeral?

I have not heard this question asked all week. If National were in office now the left would be asking the same question as to why their leader was not invited. This should not be a political moment. QE2 was responsible for more decolonisation under her reign and ending more slavery than any other Monarch.  Find us one country however that has done better than it was under the colonisation regime unless they had oil. Waiting. Waiting. Slavery is still  In countries that have decolonised. Yes and one country doing it is hosting the soccer world cup very shortly. Let us also forget the Ottoman period.  To most people it now is the name of a bloody reasonably uncomfie chair.  History is not a strong point when people criticise the UK. Ardern got to take ten New Zealanders.  Wouldn't the first pick be the Leader of the Opposition?  And then every other woke pick after? Willie Apiata gets to go by right which he should so that was not even a decision. The Tainui Tru