The New Zealand Wokeby Union Hits A New Low - Hairdryer To The Players

Alarm bells rang for me in the 57th minute.  A fluffy made-for-camera female sideline commentator possibly never to have kicked a rugby ball in anger*, informed us that a 120kg Polynesian prop has just returned from paternity leave.  She had glee in her voice.  Is this what male rugby has come to in New Zealand?  Seriously?  If it is not enough to have to listen to the grunting build up from oh too familiar mates requiring subtitles.   This is followed by pithy after-matc h fan girl interviews that do not get to the point as no one asks any hard questions.   I do not care how Sam Cane "feels".  I care that he cares that for the first time in history the All Blacks have lost to Argentina and the abject shame that should be attached to that.  I did not get that feeling at all.  WWRD - What Would Richie Do? He would not have been able to look at the camera. "They probably brought more intensity," said All Blacks captain Sam Cane. "Their defence was outstanding.  &

Tikanga Only When It Suits - "The Vibe" Strikes Out On Peter Ellis

I posted in November last year about the curious case of activist Justice Joe Williams doing the job of Peter Ellis' legal team and suggesting from the Bench that a "Tikanga" approach to the law could be followed in the Peter Ellis case. Rather predictably, Maori lawyers, consultants and witch doctors in general, sensing yet another gravy train to ride on, jumped all over this. They moulded the case of an unusual white middle aged male, to advance their cause to take over the common law in New Zealand or as most solely refer to the country now - Aotearoa.   Natalie Coates just a month ago argued successfully to the Supreme Wokests on the Bench and when questioned in media she explained her sorcery as such: "So that was one of the strong concepts that we drew upon in the Ellis case, but also those ideas that when there's been a hara or wrong committed there's a need for there to be a state of air or rebalancing or rewriting . And in this particular case Mr El

Rodney Hide On Leighton Smith Podcast

Every Wednesday Leighton Smith churns out an extended podcast with guests. This week's guest is Rodney Hide having a chat about what he thinks of these weird current snowflake times. Rodney includes his opinion and extended background and reasoning as to why Jacinda Ardern is the worst Prime Minister in the history of New Zealand. The podcast is not particularly political it is more Leighton and Rodney discussing the importance of debate and thought in the year 2020.

Cindy Cancels Christmas - But We Knew This Didn't We?

Oh shock horror, Labour have actually done what they said they would do and cancelled Christmas for many returning or intended to be returning New Zealanders. I spent hours writing about this for months, we knew it was coming right down to the voucher system.  The problem is and where Jacinda Ardern in one of her hundreds of media spots is to blame is that she REFUSED to front during the election campaign and tell the truth - quarantine spots were going to be limited and book early.  The campaign was relatively low key in telling us overseas about this however if you had even half your wits about you, then you would know to read the fine print in the Embassy emails and work it out yourself. It really is natural selection if you did not.  From November you would need a voucher.  This was not perhaps clear enough for people who booked their flights earlier and have assumed the system would synch with the airlines and have the pre-booked persons as first priority. The media between now a

Even The Best Creative Writers Fail To Polish The Turd That Is Identity Politics

Fran O'Sullivan attempted to polish the turd that is Nanaia Mahuta's appointment and other "dances for diversity" in the horse trading for spots on the starting line in the Labour Cabinet.  With her interests in Foreign Affairs, offshore travel and media junketeering I was intrigued as to how she would craft such an attempt at a defence in a diplomatic fashion.  It was a pretty good effort, I give it a solid 8/10 in composition covering all the bases.  However compared to young Heather du Plessis-Allan's comparative instantaneous "you cannot be serious", a 10/10 in rat cunning.  The far left and luvvies will congratulate O'Sullivan for it.  Maori, who are now rushing to defend Mahuta as some sort of quiet genius and anyone who questions her appointment is quickly framed as a blinding white supremacist, will view it as an embrace by a boomer white establishment commentator.  They should not.  Let me count the ways as I stick a hard reverse spin cycle

Lord Sumption - The Covid Intellectual Hero and Expert

There are not many people I actually respect but in times of crisis cometh the moment cometh (usually) the man. While the snowflake champion was the now deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who was great and I have the tee shirt but until they made movies about her let’s face it - no one on Twitter had fucking heard of her), they overlook in their immortalising of legal characters the true intellectual giants. Lord Sumption is one.  Not only is he a true liberal, from a male championing women swimmingly, he’s still young and vibrant enough at 71 and uniquely still married to his first wife, to call what bullshit these lockdowns and response to the non-crisis that Covid-19 should be to the western world. I’ve accidentally sat next to them both at a private members function in London and it was the intellectually best night of my life. If I was fined a pound for every word I has never said so little.  It takes usually a very excellent Blanc de Blancs and a Montecristo 2 for me to

Far Left Greens Put Their Egos Ahead Of Climate Change

Oh dear, Labour have snookered the Greens.  What a sight to see. The Kermits have learned nothing Grant!  The Kermits have YET again kept the cornerstone driver of their philosophy - the entirely natural phenomenon that the climate (could possibly over the years) change, away from Cabinet, yet muzzled them to actually campaign for the climate.  Even National put the portfolio in Cabinet. Why go into the tent when the one thing that positions you away from Labour, and makes you "special" in the eyes of your supporters, you cannot actually scream about?   The far left of the left of the far left of the Greens cannot accept this. The most right wing corporate member of the far left Greens is in charge of their key portfolio. In three years they couldn't get agriculture, the largest invisible polluter in this phony "problem" to be included!  I cannot see a plan to include it in the next three.   Audrey Young writes: Labour gets James Shaw in Climate Change. That is