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Far Left Greens Put Their Egos Ahead Of Climate Change

Oh dear, Labour have snookered the Greens.  What a sight to see. The Kermits have learned nothing Grant!  The Kermits have YET again kept the cornerstone driver of their philosophy - the entirely natural phenomenon that the climate (could possibly over the years) change, away from Cabinet, yet muzzled them to actually campaign for the climate.  Even National put the portfolio in Cabinet. Why go into the tent when the one thing that positions you away from Labour, and makes you "special" in the eyes of your supporters, you cannot actually scream about?   The far left of the left of the far left of the Greens cannot accept this. The most right wing corporate member of the far left Greens is in charge of their key portfolio. In three years they couldn't get agriculture, the largest invisible polluter in this phony "problem" to be included!  I cannot see a plan to include it in the next three.   Audrey Young writes: Labour gets James Shaw in Climate Change. That is

Far Left Green MP Calls Out Prime Minister's Courage - A Nation Gasps

It has been a week of attention seeking from the far left Green MP's.  Poor James Shaw must be wondering what is next from his team of misfits. Cindy and Chloe in happier times Chloe Swarbrick was up today.  It will be fascinating how the left view this outburst at Queen Cindy. She won Auckland Central solely because Labour luvvies switched and voted for her. The Cannabis referendum lost round one, round two has yet to be counted up yet but straight away this pearler from what I think many will view as petulant millennial tantrums. “I’m in the Greens because I have the courage of my convictions,” Swarbrick said, when asked about Ardern not sharing her voting intentions on Friday afternoon. “I’m really proud of having stuck my neck out there and made the argument for something that I believe in, something that is evidence-based, something that disproportionately criminalises and hurts our most marginalised communities. “ Any politician who wants to talk about those kinds of things,

Far Left Green MP Calls ACT Far Right - A Nation Yawns

  Green MP Golriz Ghahraman fears ACT leader David Seymour's call to abolish the "hard-left" Human Rights Commission "shows how far" the party has "moved to the extreme right". I cannot even start how stupid this move is by Golriz, seen by even left wing supporters as Comrade position far left.  So I will not start other than pointing out her complete lack of self-awareness that to the average punter in New Zealand she scares not only the horses but the entire 10,000 ha farm full of carbon-polluting animals she is so far to the left. I will leave it to someone else who considers themselves to be so far left of centre that his entire dinner table would be full of forks. How many times did I blog that you morons were awaking a political vehicle for the right by trying to strangle off free speech? The LEFT should be the champions of free speech, not the fucking right and the Greens plus their woke clowns , handed him that fucking victory , and the second

NZ Media Risking Their Lives To Bring Coverage Of The US Elections

 Get used to these sorts of headlines for the next week. So after hooting and hollering about how safe New Zealand was and how great the team of 5 million are, these muppets are now off to the USA for one week to cover - the US elections! Unbelievable. You shouldn't be travelling to the USA, the New Zealand borders remain closed indefinitely but the media? Nah New Zealand’s taxpayer bailed out media will send our team off on junkets to cover an event that New Zealand has absolutely zero control over the outcome of and could be live streamed from other feeds. Covid-19 is either a) the most dangerous threat currently to human life and you are happy to be in New Zealand, or as I view it,  b) it is not and you are okay to travel and risk life and limb in other countries and should support New Zealand opening up to tourists, like, argh you are! You cannot have the argument both ways.  It is very much like the TJ Perenara and Beauden Barrett post of the other day.  TJ fronts a campaign s

Modern Day Snowflake All Blacks - Choice v Sacrifice

sacrifice sacrifice noun [C or U] (GIVING UP) the act of giving up something that is valuable to you in order to help someone else: This week the All Blacks and some of their WAG's have been passive-aggressively whinging and moaning about sacrifice as they depart for Australia after spending most of the year with their families.  This comes hot on the heels of crying like snowflakes when they may have had to quarantine over Christmas. I have just about had enough of this martyring of ones self in modern life.  From millennials considering not eating avocado and toast to save for a home, as some sort of sacrifice, to women who say they "sacrificed" their careers to have children, or likewise women who say they have "sacrificed" not having children for their careers.   We have done no such thing.  It is a choice.  That is all. In both outcomes there are advantages to us, whether it be a child and keeping a bloke who wants children (which let us face it 99% of them

Me Maori Me Minister!!

As predicted Peeni Henare has performed like a trained seal and not suggested but DEMANDED he become the next Minister of Health. I asked back in May whether Labour would dare appoint this ticking time bomb then. Henare is at least consistent in his chest-beating, he has been lobbying his superior Maori superpowers in possibly the most important portfolio in government. It’s easy being Finance Minister presently handing out printed candy with gay abandon. Henare bagged National for their lack of diversity, yet was overlooked when ginger Hipkins got the grown up Health job to add to his numerous other roles.  Imagine back in May the disaster the portfolio would have been with Henare fronting the health response?  Mind you he may have kept out of the Rangitata doing some essential work. What has this twit ever achieved? Seriously.... He would be butt-smacked by the Greens let alone National and ACT.  From a centre-right perspective I applaud his possible appointment. He would make Kelvin

The World Has A New Hero - Maureen From Barnsley

 Forget David Seymour, I would have voted for Maureen! Lockdowns cannot continue. Notice there is now no demand electorally for one in New Zealand despite yet another outbreak of the "eliminated" Covid-19 evil!  Jacinda Ardern is nowhere in sight at Press Conferences.  She has locked down the country just long and hard enough to get a majority.  So long that you are soon going to have hideous food price inflation as there is not enough labour to pick for export markets let alone your own NZ demand for a fruity summer. You have all been conned.  Maureen has not. Lockdown:  'We should never have been in lockdown' Vulnerable and shielding: 'All the people who were vulnerable should have been helped and kept home safe' The economy: 'How can we get the country on its feet? Money-wise? Where's all the money?' The future: 'By the end of this year there's going to be millions of people unemployed and you know who's going to pay for it? All the

W R Peters Loan Scandal!

 Just when you think it could not get funnier, a W R Peters (everyone is assuming Winston) makes a $60,000 loan to NZ First. FOR A YEAR AND WITH INTEREST! At 2% The form provided by the party shows Peters initially lent it $50,000 on October 6, before providing another $10,000 the following day.  According to the terms of the agreement, New Zealand First has to repay the loan by October 6, 2021, with an interest rate of 2 per cent. You would think W R Peters would just write that off - NOW.  Without any representation in Parliament, all the party funders will run faster from the political organisation than Usain Bolt. Good on NZ First however, still providing us all with continued amusement. Winston Peters must really be thinking he should have stayed on the farm with the dog and horse fishing as he collects his numerous pensions having the nice life he has set himself up for over the years.  His last term has been a complete disaster for him personally and professionally.

Election Night Wrap

So what now....... National need to have resignations. The caucus were appalling. The quitters who quit need to disappear. Don’t come Monday do not come at all. Seriously that was the worst campaign I’ve ever seen on the centre right. For those of us old enough to recall English 2002 was actually worse from a numbers perspective! I can’t see how!! The shame is large. Todd Muller wanted to be leader and ironically he is back in. He should not be. His weakness was a disgrace. Hide it as you would he was part of the problem for his weakness of quitting. To the other quitters. Own it. You were a total disgrace and should not show your faces publicly in a long time. I cannot get over how bad they were. On the plus however I never give respect unless it is earned and to people I know Megan Campbell, Janet Wilson and co who stayed knowing how shithouse this would be I cannot give them enough credit for bunking down on the virtual Titanic knowing the icebergs were fast approaching weeks ago. T

You **** One Goat - Gladys Berejiklian's (Near) Fatal Attraction

Poor Gladys is having a shocker of a week. The largest surprise reported out of Australia has been that she was shagging at all.  Widely known as a bit of a nerdy square, then out comes the revelation she has been slipping an entire affair in with a (sort of) married man who barely scraped in to the Northern Football League compared to her achievements and intellect.  Daryl.  I mean a name like that the bells should have been ringing. Pre-Covid in March 2020, Gladys was interviewed and let out in retrospect some real clangers. Ms Berejiklian, the eldest of three sisters, has long fielded curious questions, particularly from other women, about her personal life.  As she puts it, life just had other plans for her. "I think if an opportunity comes up you grab it. If something happens and you need to make a decision, make it. Had I met the right person? Of course I would be married. But that doesn't happen for everyone at the right time," told Mamamia. "I've always

Crusher Upsets The Fat Activists Raging Against The Fatpocalypse!

Crusher has come out and upset the fat lobby by claiming they should exercise control over their own lives and that she should not have to as a politician.   The context which has of course been conveniently left out is she was asked to comment on a tax on foods that allegedly "cause" obesity.  No such food does this, the amount of total calories in your gob v what you expend does.  It is basic maths. She has been attacked for this instantly by the fat lobby and the usual snowflake university health "experts".  These people have created an industry of victimhood to a condition that has a very easy cure - STOP EATING SO MUCH. Finally a politician who is not pandering to "health experts" claiming obesity is anyone else's problem than that of the individual.   "I found Judith Collins' response to the story both heartless, but unfortunately not surprising," she says. "It fits in line with a larger neo-liberal project , which is about pos

Everything Wrong In New Zealand - Covid Era Emasculation Of The NZ Male

The Herald have invited a lawyer called Jeremy Sutton at Bastion Chambers to conduct some good clickbait over the weeks.  I assume this week's advice was actually a real letter as I don't think the poxy law society rules allow practising solicitors to publish fake letters to them and give advice on them, it would all be rather well "unlawyerly". This week saw the question raised Q: Following the announcement that Auckland will move to level 1, my ex-husband told me he has booked a trip for him and my oldest son to travel from Christchurch to attend the All Blacks test match in Auckland. He didn't consult me about this. They would be gone for two nights, returning on a very late flight on Sunday, despite having school the next morning. I am incredibly worried about my son catching Covid-19 while travelling or attending the game. My ex-husband refuses to wear a mask and I worry that this attitude will rub off on my son. I don't want my son to go with his fathe

Lord Stephen Tindall Needs To Pay Taxpayer Cash Back Now

Clinging to Patsy like a good wage subsidy I am in two minds about the wage subsidy.  On one hand Cindy and co closed down your businesses for their own political gain and told you that you could not run a business in order to "stay home save lives". In the process risk ruining decades of sweat and success in your own and the future of your family.  In this case everyone should have got in and claimed as much as they could as competitors will be, so you cannot put yourself at a disadvantage. As directors you also have a duty to your shareholders to maximise all available advantage.  On the other hand, there are the likes of sanctimonious opportunistic pious pisstakers like Stephen Tindall.  The business community since March that I speak with have been quietly collectively choking on their own backwash listening to him carry on.   Tindall sucked up to Labour at the commencement of Covid-19 lockdowns and promised to assist to bring PPE and masks through his contacts.  The Mowb