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Get Vaccinated Tomorrow Or Shut Your Pie Hole

Tomorrow is John Key's big idea - a vaxathon. About a month too late but so we are at this point. Anyone still needing and wanting to be vaccinated who has not ponied up by now is beyond dumb dumb.  The lowest of all possible in the brain tree. Turning up tomorrow for your first dose will be outing yourself as a thicko. But......this simply MUST be the last chance before Darwin's theory of natural selection needs to take over. We have had Maori overload the last weeks as desperate attempts are made to get them vaccinated.  Well time is up.   Actual performance must come tomorrow.  Or forever hold your peace. There are no truly "vulnerable" people in New Zealand currently not vaccinated.   New Zealand already has massive vaccine rates compared to other countries that are open for business.   People who were in these categories have had months to get vaccinated through earlier invitations, and by in large they have. Auckland especially cannot afford to wait weeks on en