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At 90% Vaccinated Auckland Should Be Open For International Travel With No Quarantine At All!

If these "experts" actually believe that Auckland needs 90% vaccination rates to be allowed just out of a level 3 I am not sorry for saying - they are heading into the mental illness category right now.  Something is so wrong with all of them that they have Stockholm Syndromed themselves. No reason for this pic other than I thought it explains everything about Covid testing They do not need to be listened to. They need to be straight jacketed off to a mental health facility for treatment. Oh come on. Holding Auckland in level 3 waiting for 90% of them to be vaccinated is a complete and utter action of lunatics in charge of the asylum. There is nothing wrong with mental illness. But just as if Jordie Barrett broke his leg and we let him sit somewhere to recover not kick goals in the 80th minute, mentally ill Stockholmed Syndrome health “experts” need to go on the bench and not be a part of decisions that mean you cannot leave your home.  Right now Aucklanders are turning on ea

Covid Zero Is Dead - Do Not Make Us Crowd Fund Another Protest To Kill It?

So let us roll back this situation in New Zealand right now. Jacinda Ardern, the pretty communist, is allowing GANGS to self isolate. Gasp. There is NO social license to adhere to any of these Covid public health regs anymore. I am happy to say that as someone admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court in NZ.  I will stick my hand up.  Do what you want, no one is actually penalising you for breaches. I cannot justify to any layperson what is happening in New Zealand right now.  It is the last bastion of Covid stupid in the world.  Every other country is mooooving on. There are now tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of NZ passport or resident visa  holders overseas just throwing their hands in the air. I am one. There are more than tens of thousands of persons far worse off than I am needing to get back who cannot. We look at NSW that on 11 October is about to open up and allow Aussies to come back and home quarantine. There is a plan.  Ardern is stuck in a bad time warp

Playboy - Why?

  You are joking right?  April Fool? This is just weird.   Playboy is a straight lads mag full of naked women they can at best have a wank to. Sticking an effeminate poof on the front cover whatever race and selling bunny costumes modelled by a bloke, is just - bad for business.