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An Ode To The Best Leader New Zealand Never Had - Gladys Berejiklian

No Gladys no. This is the woman who imposed the "zero covid is impossible" reality on New Zealand and Australia.  History will judge her very well.  She made two entire countries face quickly that living with Covid is a necessity. She is indirectly responsible right now for Auckland forcing Jacinda Ardern to face reality and live with the virus.  She has an opening plan which will ensure on October 11th that NSW can open and get on with it.  While New Zealand, Victoria and WA remain in a constant state of digging a whole for themselves and filling it in. Today GB did the honourable thing which was to resign. I loved that she didn’t drag everyone in her extended family and friends on stage to do it. She fronted it like a man should. On their own.  That was superb. There is nothing worse than lining your whole family, friends and colleagues up to the firing squad. A quick read statement and exit. FU. Off to punch the toilet wall or as I have done in similar circumstances and ju