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NSW Leads While Auckland Bleeds

  NSW opened up on 11th October.  Cases are plummeting.  Life is rolling on. Here are the current vaccination rates for Auckland. The important thing to remember is that Auckland's measures have to include those aged 12+, not Sydney that measures at 16+ for their 80 or 90% trigger points.  It is ludicrous that Auckland cannot open right now at least within its own boundaries.  There is limited public health justification for it, and serves only the ego of a leader who will not even visit her own electorate. It is like she has forgotten the South Island and Auckland and lives in her own little Beltway bubble with her adoring Maori caucus and Clarke the wild venison hunter . She has not been in Auckland the entire lockdown.   August 9th -  Ardern had this to say about NSW: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has indicated travel with New South Wales could be closed for the rest of 2021, unless the state gets on top of its outbreak and returns to zero Covid-19 in the community. Now the spot

Jacinda Ardern As The Most Divisive Leader In NZ's History - Tik Tok For The Win Today

  Not a word untrue. And from a guy who Labour stereotypically would have already counted on for his vote.

Maori Have Given Up On Themselves To Vaccinate - We Must Now And Move On

I will save myself some time and cut paste the template from my post titled "Vaxathon Week Produced Worse Results Than The Previous Week!"   Marked up now in red. Oh dear. Do not say I did not warn you.  This is what happened focusing your week on a Vaxathon day. Not even the worst cynic in me thought the numbers would actually keep go ing backward s ! Mainstream media bought and paid for are SILENT on this today. I have added a totals column so you can compare. Yes compared to the week before first doses FELL 6% or 6,965 and second doses FELL a whopping 46,574 or 12% on the week before. Compared to vaxxathon week the numbers have got even worse, slowing to an almost standstill. First doses have fallen 43% on the week before.  Second doses 48%. The raw numbers are found here. Despite all the self-congratulations and the empty praise of the efforts so far, this is appalling. Something is desperately wrong here that numbers of vaccinations despite all the promotion and hoopla

White "Experts" Stay In Your Lane - Maori Get the Vaccine Or Take A Punt

And so it goes on Yeah Nah. The Treaty has given Maori a Partnership with their Colonial ancestors who have provided access to free Western medicine that has created a vaccination to save them. Take it.  Free public health in New Zealand.  A free vaccine. Or do not. But how any can invoke the Spanish Flu in 1918 when Maori have thanks to signing the TOW, 103 more years of advantages of Western medicine and State Housing and free education to accelerate them from dying of the Spanish flu, is beyond the worst taking of the mickey I have seen. Older Maori who actually were first generation off the Spanish flu have actually gone and got vaccinated because they know it is important.  The younger ones who are refusing to do so or can't be bothered so do not have this excuse.  They are just lazy. The clock is ticking until the vaccinated populous turns badly on Maori if they realise that the reason they do not have rights and freedoms back is ridiculous nonsense like this. Stuff poll says

The Cost Of Covid Brownmail Today Doled Out By Ardern - $120m

We learned a few more things today from the non-announcement of the traffic lights. 1. The fools have NO vaccination passport ready.  They need November to actually do that, which is why there are no traffic lights yet for the South Island.  They cannot currently run a system to exclude the very few people who are not vaccinated. 2. The cost of the Maori caucus agreeing to this was $120 million to their mates. Brownmail.   As predicted in my post in response to Sir Ian Taylor being gamed. I have heard whinging that Maori have not been given resources to "reach their people".  We can debunk this false news very quickly. In addition to a whopping $900 million to Maori way back in May 2020 . Exhibit A   A process began in April 2021 with expected contract start dates of 1 July 2021 to do the very thing that Maori have whinged about.   Where has the money gone? Who got this money? What did they actually do from 1 July running this campaign?  Exhibit B - September 2021 another $38

Random Impertinent MIQ Question For A Friday

So if I arrive from overseas and test positive despite no other symptoms and am shipped off to quarantine (as opposed to MIQ), can I now just go home? Like a New Zealander in the community who has tested a definite positive?  Home isolation. If so, why are negative testing New Zealanders arriving in who can prove they do not have covid-19 kept in jail in a hotel room at their expense for 14 days? Right now it is way better to have Covid-19 and be sent to home isolation than it 14 days of Hell in a Cell in MIQ from overseas. There is absolutely ZERO justification for anyone paying for MIQ coming in from overseas now, that is for sure. Even less justification for having to do it.

Vaxathon Week Produced Worse Results Than The Previous Week!!

Oh dear. Do not say I did not warn you.  This is what happened focusing your week on a Vaxathon day. Not even the worst cynic in me thought the numbers would actually go backward! Mainstream media bought and paid for are SILENT on this today. I have added a totals column so you can compare. Yes compared to the week before first doses FELL 6% or 6,965 and second doses FELL a whopping 46,574 or 12% on the week before.   The raw numbers are found here. Despite all the self-congratulations and the empty praise of the efforts so far, this is appalling. Something is desperately wrong here that numbers of vaccinations despite all the promotion and hoopla are actually slowing down. Jacinda Ardern on Friday needs to do one thing and it's something she does not even seem to be able to do in her private life. SET A BLOODY DATE TO OPEN UP THE JOINT. There is still not enough urgency if vaccination numbers have gone backward compared to the previous week despite the vaxathon. National have - t

Memo to Sir Ian Taylor From The Bench - Do Not Negotiate With Maori Terrorists

  Then follows yet another very confusing, wordy, weak and woke negotiation with the domestic terrorists that are currently keeping an MIQ system and now, Auckland in Level 3. Useless.  As usual his plan is too hard for bureaucrats to follow or anyone to sell. As Nick Mowbray and co have found out.  Helping or offering to help this government of morons, idiots and domestic terrorists.  Does not pay.   New Zealand is now worse off than it was.  It has record cases, its major city is stuck in level 3 lockdown and there is an exponential rate of  lack of compliance because people of all races and types  have had enough.  There is also tens upon tens of billions of debt now and spiralling inflation with it. And now the idiot-in-chief wants traffic lights.  When Aucklanders run those even in pre-Covid times. What is next, orange cones? There are currently TWO things stopping New Zealanders from coming in and out of the country AND Auckland from returning to business as usual. Pictures follo

MIQ Must Now Mean - Maori In Quarantine.

As Auckland out of sheer desperation, races towards overall vaccination of the imaginary 90 percent goal of kiddies + 12 age, that already has exceeded 16+ Sydders and Melbs, there is only one thing that will stop Labour releasing the gates. Maori. MMMMMM aori. Say it. Say it Jacinda on Monday. If you have the balls to even front the presser: MAORI. MAORI.  Dozens of Maori representatives met with the Maori ministers over Zoom on Friday night, when they were shown the traffic light system. A second meeting took place on Saturday night, allowing for greater feedback on the new regime. A final meeting was scheduled to take place on Sunday, when recommendations to Monday’s cabinet meeting will be finalised. All who spoke to AAP said they wanted a specialised Maori response alongside the traffic light system. WHAT THE ACTUAL???  Maori are holding the PM hostage to their own response !!!!!!! Go up to the start if you have got this far and please read this and hit the link again.  It is outr

First Dose Failure And Exceeding Low Expectations - Vaxathon An F for Fail.

Wow - the paid for NZ media have really earned their $55m of spruiking for Labour today!! Here are the normal numbers per day of vaccinations in the last bit.   Data from the MOH website. The data is a few days behind but I suspect the numbers fell away as people held out for the free food and prizes today or in a PR whoring move, brought forward their vaccines. Surprise who chose to do that.  Let’s see what the averages end up being this and last week once smoothing of these bribes is performed. Today just 35,000-40,000 people were vaccinated for the first time. All this effort to get 40,000 people to line up.  The second dose people were returning anyway. So after all the effort put into this event, the numbers of 130,000 total are not that much more impressive than daily results of the previous highest period of total vaccination of 93,000.   At least we have found out today why Jacinda Ardern fails to set any vaccination targets to get out of this mess. 1. When she does they are ri

Get Vaccinated Tomorrow Or Shut Your Pie Hole

Tomorrow is John Key's big idea - a vaxathon. About a month too late but so we are at this point. Anyone still needing and wanting to be vaccinated who has not ponied up by now is beyond dumb dumb.  The lowest of all possible in the brain tree. Turning up tomorrow for your first dose will be outing yourself as a thicko. But......this simply MUST be the last chance before Darwin's theory of natural selection needs to take over. We have had Maori overload the last weeks as desperate attempts are made to get them vaccinated.  Well time is up.   Actual performance must come tomorrow.  Or forever hold your peace. There are no truly "vulnerable" people in New Zealand currently not vaccinated.   New Zealand already has massive vaccine rates compared to other countries that are open for business.   People who were in these categories have had months to get vaccinated through earlier invitations, and by in large they have. Auckland especially cannot afford to wait weeks on en

Free Taxis in Auckland! One Less Excuse For The Lazy For Vaccinations

I am still in the database at the Doctors in New Zealand. Today I received this. Seriously - Nanny State now gives you a free taxi to the vaccination centre! Free vaccine. Free food when you get there. Free return taxi to get there. Unbelievable. People not vaccinated yet either a) will never get vaccinated or b) too stupid to actually deserve it.  Darwin should be let to do his job. You still have to phone the hotline however.   This is outrageous really.  They should have one waiting outside for you when you are ready.

When Will Labour's Maori Caucus Be Accountable........For Anything?

Apparently despite the amazing commendable Asian and pretty good tick of Pasifika uptake (well done) so far,  it is the “system” that is directly to blame for Maori being too lazy  “vaccine hesitancy”. Here ladies and gentlemen IS “the system”. Or in wokesville of us whiteys needing to use more Te Reo - Te Punaha .  Peeni Henare popped this up only on 2nd October. When the whanau were doing mad backstroke against waves. Amazing brother.  WHERE WAS THIS RESPONSE WEEKS OR MONTHS AGO? Ministers are paid xxxxx, Associates xxxxx, MP’s xxxxxx. Well above possibly many readers of this blog. A rough calculation per annum this part of the engine of Te Punaha is costing you xxxxx. I just cannot be bothered working it out but go for it. I just cannot at this point.  It will be in the multi millions.  For absolutely stuff all performance. Middle class nice compliant empathetic pale and lovely Asian people, of which I am clearly not one, were happy with this on the basis that the more Maori in Parl

Will New Zealand Try The Vaccine Apartheid Option?

There is currently a rather woke meaning of the term "vaccine apartheid".  It is used to cover situations where third world countries led by corrupt dictators have stolen all the cash. Cash that they should be using to buy vaccines that per head of population are very little.  You can get the jab in New Zealand with rather limited morality applied, only because Labour trampled all over the third world and just used more plastic to manufacture more cash to buy vaccines ahead of countries you don’t care about.  Even though essential workers will be due a booster shot any day now........We haven't heard how that will be handled but many of those countries New Zealanders really don't care about, have not even received their first dose.  Or worse, they have and it was the hapless Chinese version. Apartheid however was not something that happened between countries. It was within the border of a country. The real meaning of the use of  vaccine apartheid  is therefore the pre

Time To Deal With MIQ - Get On Board With Grounded Kiwis

Grounded Kiwis is crowdfunding for a legal challenge to the current fiasco at MIQ.  This is not only affecting expats, but New Zealanders in New Zealand who cannot leave without getting in a lottery with up to 30,000 other people at a time to return. Here is the link to the crowdfunding page for you to chuck a few dollars at.   I do not think it will take long to fundraise the $70k needed for the President of the Bar Association Paul Radich QC to kick things off.  The speed that this will happen should send shockwaves into the right places at the Beehive. Grounded Kiwis, a newly incorporated society advocating for Kiwis at home and abroad impacted by the Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) system, has filed a judicial review claim in the High Court in respect of the Government’s operation of the MIQ system, and the limitation this has placed on New Zealanders right to return home. The claim alleges that the Government has acted unlawfully, unreasonably, and in breach of section 18(2

Australia Is Now Having The Last Laugh At New Zealand

I do not often reproduce whole columns on my blog shamelessly stolen "borrowed" from elsewhere.  I reserve the right to however if they are very very good. This is one such from The Mocker - an outstanding always beautifully constructed contributor in The Australian. It is now day 51 of Auckland's level 3/4 nightmare. On that note, you might remember that just under a year ago the periodical Quarterly Essay published a piece titled ‘The High Road: What Australia Can Learn From New Zealand’. The author was ABC 7.30’s chief political correspondent Laura Tingle, who was most impressed by our neighbour’s handling of the pandemic, particularly Ardern’s insistence on applying the elimination model. “From Australia, we watched in shock, scepticism or admiration,” wrote Tingle. “Our political leaders were wrestling with the same issues, but prevaricating by Ardern’s standards … Our path was more gradual and the messages more mixed, to say the least. In Australia we were trying to