Covid Zero Is Dead - Do Not Make Us Crowd Fund Another Protest To Kill It?

So let us roll back this situation in New Zealand right now.

Jacinda Ardern, the pretty communist, is allowing GANGS to self isolate. Gasp. There is NO social license to adhere to any of these Covid public health regs anymore. I am happy to say that as someone admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court in NZ.  I will stick my hand up.  Do what you want, no one is actually penalising you for breaches.

I cannot justify to any layperson what is happening in New Zealand right now.  It is the last bastion of Covid stupid in the world.  Every other country is mooooving on.

There are now tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of NZ passport or resident visa  holders overseas just throwing their hands in the air.

I am one. There are more than tens of thousands of persons far worse off than I am needing to get back who cannot.

We look at NSW that on 11 October is about to open up and allow Aussies to come back and home quarantine. There is a plan.  Ardern is stuck in a bad time warp taking the piss out of all of us and thanks to the NSW government and Gladys Berijiklian and John Barilaro and their respective political parties this heat is going to be bad.

It will start on 11 October when we see Aussies out having the fun we aren’t. 

I look at my mates in tourism and hospitality in New Zealand right now….gulp. Why would they stick to a non existent plan to exit Covid?  Labour have absolutely nothing.  No dates, no timeline.

While myself and  others have to come back to “Aotearoa” and do 14 days in a hotel MIQ. We have had the hunger games to even get a spot.

This is happening.  Gangs now get to self isolate.

I am not happy about it.  Not that the gangs can do it.  Good on them for gaming the system it’s amusing. They’ve terrified the pinkos into ignoring them. That’s amusing again.

It is that the rest of us law abiding nice clean white and Asian brothers and sisters that Ardern sticks in the can for 14 days. Think this is easy, go into your ensuite bedroom right now and stay there for 14 days without leaving. You won’t last 2. Have a rod stuck up your nose a few times as well for fun. 

We can only wish to be treated as badly as New Zooland gangs are right now. Home isolation. With a portaloo and cough yeah do it if ya want bro.

Ardern thinks gangs are so feral she can’t put them in hotel quarantine. She cannot control “the boys” playing up. Wait for the next roll out of people in MIQ.

Almost all of us coming through MIQ will be double vaxxed.  We are not anti-vaxxers. I didn’t get a law degree and admission to the Bar to put up with this.  I look at people more senior in the profession and their current silence.  I look at them with absolute disdain.  I will forever in time.  They need to stand up and make a point as legal experts.  They need to do it now.

Brian and Hannah Tamaki performed an act of awesomeness with a few thousand of their mates this weekend. Bless. "New Zealanders acting with rage" is a joke.  Those of us who have had enough are actually looking at the Stockholm Syndrome in the county now with absolute jest.  Why are you in level 3? It is all about politics and nothing about Brian and his protests.

The Cops did absolutely NOTHING today. NOTHING. What does that tell you? Who runs the country? 

We do. The people.  

I’m picking the cops don’t think they joined the force to enforce Covid regulations.

They chatted to Brian pre protest, they knew he was doing this =  no arrests. None. They never stopped him leaving his home to break the law.

It’s like they are afraid of anyone Maori or from the Pacific Islands. But I think it’s broader than that. They don’t agree that they actually have to enforce this Covid rubbish now vaccinations are available to all.

The weekend saw an internal revolt. The Cops went to that protest, stood there and did nothing.  White middle class Karen's were horrified.  What does that tell you?

Jacinda Ardern should now be more afraid of the rest of us nice white middle class persons who will join forces with the Tamaki's and issue her with a FO. She is dragging people with lots of money to join with people who have manpower and criminal gangs for a common goal. And the cops don’t want a bar of it to their eternal credit.

Our new mates in the gangs are holding tangi and holding their middle finger to Ardern and her mates. They are the pioneers of showing this situation to be a sick joke. 

You cannot suspend rights and freedoms in the New Zealand Bill of Rights for an indefinite period. That’s never reasonable. No plan.  When is this ending? Ardern has said “the start of 2022”. That’s not fooling anyone. 

At this point I am quite happy to contribute to a gofundme for gangs that break these utterly stupid rules. Every single day.

Yet myself and others have to come back to “Aotearoa” without Covid having proved this prior then on arrival and then 3 days in…then….then…

And sit in a mouldy tired 3 or 4 star chain hotel room with bad food of questionable nutritional content. Every day suffering false detention. For an illness that kills point what of people? When New Zealand has right now much higher percentages of person vaccinated than most western democracies.

The cost of false imprisonment is at a basic level for an absolute mong in society $150,000 per annum. 14 days of it  is $5,753. Instead of being charged $3,100 for the pleasure we all should be claiming 14 days of $5,753  false imprisonment and then multiply it for the fact everyone entering MIQ are not complete mongs most having never been near criminal judiciary in their life.  The time for reasonableness ended when vaccines were available. Labour dragged the chain but that’s not anyone’s fault but theirs. Reasonableness started and ended well before then. I am in a third world country and got fully vaxxed before many I know in New Zealand.

There is ZERO justification legally for holding people in the pen when they have and continue to have no COVID,  look at the stats..

I thank Brian Tamaki and his Man Up followers this weekend for their protest. He’s a kookie weirdo but the protest was excellent.

Jacinda Ardern has tried to split the country into the haves and have nots. Right now everyone I communicate with regularly are privately high fiving Brian Tamaki and the gangs civil disobedience. 

We have all had enough.

People in Auckland I know who aren’t even political are spitting the dummie. They just want their lives back.

Imagine the carnage for Jacinda Ardern  if the white middle classes funded the boys to keep up the carnage?

Because it will happen. 

She has done the impossible and united the stomping protest classes with the higher income Auckland go fund me private classes. We all are demanding rights and freedoms back.

Be very very afraid if reps get together for a “Korero”.

She has tomorrow Monday to put Auckland into level 2 light and open the restaurants and bars without restrictions, get the kiddies back to school - before this is going to happen.

And for heaven sake just give up and open New Zealand up to returning passport holders the same way Scott Morrison has in Australia.

MIQ will haunt Labour every single allocation Hunger Games, because it is despite $55m to media to buy them off - one continual awesome clickbait GOLD for them.


  1. "...are the cops actually saying they won't police the law..."

    No, they're saying they'll happily police the generally law abiding populace. Violent criminals... not so much

    One begins to wonder if they are more likely to put their hands up to "police" Pride parades than execute search warrants in South Auckland - better for the 'gram eh?

  2. Forever to be remembered as 'The Covid Queen' with rampant suicides..

  3. Singapore has just moved again to increase the category of countries from which SC/SPR may travel and (if fully vaccinated) serve only 7 days quarantine at home. Most countries in EU, plus ANZ and now even the US are included.
    Meanwhile I've told the aged relative back in NZ that there is zero chance of seeing me this side of next year...


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